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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Key – GLOBAL

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Feel the freedom of working with modern features on an advanced operating system and stop worrying about losing your files. Build an environment that is secure and effective at work with advanced business-oriented features.

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By giving you access to an incredible library of official and unofficial resources, the Windows 10 operating system allows you the freedom to work. The pro version of the OS provides you with more advanced security, business-oriented features such as virtual machine development, remote system control methods, and much more.

Edition pro for your safety and business

Windows 10’s Pro version contains a range of helpful features not included in the Home edition. Advanced protection of your data and files, which can be secured by BitLocker encryption, is the most significant. BitLocker secures your files, and on removable storage devices, BitLocker Go keeps your files secured.

Manage your business safely

There are several features provided by Windows 10 Professional that are helpful if you run a company. With Azure Active Directory, your company’s management has never been so easy and effective. Turn your ideas into apps and manage them with Azure, as all the required resources you need to build and execute and manage apps are provided here.

Put your device on Autopilot

Your Windows system is doing all the work by itself with this feature. It downloads from the Microsoft cloud all necessary applications and updates. You still have control over the systems, though and keep track of how the advancement is going. In addition, it is not as tedious and time-consuming to set up a system as before as you can now only configure your computer, confirm a few steps, and the rest is done through the device. In addition, you can connect devices to Azure Active Directory using the Autopilot feature and then implement them in mobile management.

Microsoft Intune

You can handle Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android devices from a single device with this app. Cloud platforms are now globally dispersed, allowing you the opportunity to manage the data generated for further flexibility by your workers and partners. Intune preserves all the data from Office 365 and now from your mobile device you will have an insight into it. In addition, global support systems are always available to assist you if you have any problems.

Key features

  • Get the most from your job and build positive atmosphere for your staff; 
  • Feel the independence and protection of using advanced security features on device;
  • Application Control with Azure Active Directory;
  • From single screen, monitor all your gadgets.
  • Use the Autopilot feature and no longer bother about updates;
NOTE: This is 1-PC framework, not an OEM version, License code for 1 PC, This is the Home edition of Windows 10 operating system, for full specification and functionality list please visit this website.

Warning! This product cannot be used to upgrade your system from other version!
If you encounter any issues during activation, please follow these steps:

    • Open Start menu, type SLUI 04 and press enter.
    • Select your country, and call the toll-free number.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the automated activation system to receive a confirmation ID and activate your OS.

How to use the key:

  • Click https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO, After clicking the button above you will be redirected to a product download page.
  • If you are performing a fresh installation of Windows 10, you will be prompted to enter your code during installation.
  • Or, after installation, to enter the product key, select the Start button, and then select Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Update product key > Change product key.


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