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Microsoft Office Professional 2019 Plus Key 1 PC – GLOBAL

$534.99 $15.99

Get one of the most full versions of the Microsoft Office kit, with all of the applications from Microsoft Office, with all the classic features and many enhanced features. The kit includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher and Access versions for 2019, as well as Skype for Enterprise, all with a one-buy lifetime license for a single device.

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Besides the classic features, the 2019 edition of Microsoft Office Professional Plus includes:


  • With the use of adjustable column width, changeable page color, read-out-loud feature, and even greater efficiency with sound effects acting as audio signals, it is easier to read in Word.
  • In order to enhance their consistency and add a visual element to your work, add Scalable Vector Graphics to your documents and presentations, available from a wide library of icons or imported from other sources. Without the worry of low-quality pictures, SVG artifacts allow you to scale and recolor them;
  • Translating with the translator feature available in the Office apps, allowing sections of the text to be marked and obtained without leaving the program;
  • LaTeX syntax equations can now be introduced in Office papers, allowing the presentation of some mathematical and scientific problems to be more advanced;
  • The Morph feature allows more versatility to construct PowerPoint animations, transitions and object movement;
  • The Morph function enables PowerPoint animations, transitions and object movement to be built more flexibly;
  • Using external devices connected to your PC wirelessly, such as Surface Pen 4 and Wacom Bamboo Inc, and other Windows 10 compatible digital pens, PowerPoint slides can run.
  • You can now use TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, and IFS in Excel, among several other features, giving you more options for making your spreadsheet. In inclusion, the addition of new chart forms also gives you the option of streamlining your job and producing simple and elegant documents.
  • The inking function allows interesting designs to be produced in the papers, handwritten text, highlights and makes it easier to draw precise shapes with the Ink to Shape feature. Not only on touch-enabled devices, drawing is possible, as it can be done with the mouse as well as a digital pen or your finger.

An important note is that OneNote was removed from the kit as it became a standard Windows 10 program, but by using the Office installer, OneNote 2016 can still be installed separately.

Key features

  • Access one of the most complete Office app packages with one purchase.
  • Streamline and create beautiful documents for your work.
  • Use advanced features of morph and 3D artefacts to create cool presentations. 
  • Using all the advanced features in different applications, with range of them available.
  • For one PC, get once-purchase lifetime license.


Minimal requirements

  • Processor: 1.6 GHz, 2-core processor
  • Graphics: 1280× 768 screen resolution
  • Memory: 4 GB/2 GB (32bit) RAM
  • Disk space: 4 GB available disk space
  • System: Windows 10
  • Other: Microsoft account / Internet access
Office 2019 requires Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 to run.

How to use the key:


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